Prakrutisparsha Sandalwood Essential Oil


Relieves Stress | Improves The Conscience

To scent the home is an age-old Indian tradition. Layer your skin with the scintillating Sandalwood-infused essential oil fromTatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body. These woody tonesare used to craft this collection and are carefully captured at their most potent form, sourced from Mysore in South India. Its fragrance helps reduce stress, while inducing a sense of calm, and harmonizing the senses.Their seductive fragrance infused with moisturising, cold-pressed oils helps tone and firm the skin while deeply hydrating and refreshing it.

  • Anti-oxidant powerhouse which helps in giving glowy skin.
  • To relieve stress, use it as aromatherapy.
  • Helps in de-stressing, meditation and increases concentration
  • Brings in calmness