Manisugandha Lavender and Clarysage Aromatherapy Massage Candles


Uplifting Scent | De-stress and Relax

The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body presents Lavender and ClarysageAromatherapy Massage Candles which helps in relaxing mind and body, soothes the skin, promotes wound healing, eases tension, alleviates body pain, improves breathing, circulates blood and improves mood. Binding together the natural flowery tones of clarysage, aromatic frankincense with hints of sweet vanillin reminiscent of dewy nights in the woods. Perfect for gifting, discover this floral massage candles which dream blended in soy wax that is set in a clear mouth-blown glass.

  • Popular fragrance
  • 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • Reusable and eco friendly
  • Ideal for any occasion